KeenTO  is a boutique consulting and advisory firm specializing in blended finance strategy, business development and international development.  We work with emerging companies that are poised for substantial growth.  Our focus is geared towards helping micro; small and mid-cap companies streamline their operations, create new divisions or infrastructure, monetize assets and develop new markets.  Using smart, strategic, ethical and economically sound techniques, our efforts have led to the establishment of significant partnerships.

Founded in 2011, the company was initially formed to scope the state of Private Development Cooperation in Latin America and socialize the increasing need to leverage innovative sources of financing for development. We have found success fulfilling critical roles for our clients that are typically undermanned, quickly becoming an asset to their goals.  Operating in both Colombia and Canada, we possess a strong working knowledge of several industries within rapidly growing sectors of the the Americas.  Having worked with a variety of organizations and businesses, we develop cost effective, customized and feasible solutions, tailored in accordance with our clients risk tolerance and budget.  We remain extremely competitive by offering high value services at excellent prices.

Exemplary business ethics and a creative approach, coupled with the desire to create long lasting relationships have allowed us the opportunity to provide lasting contributions to our clients businesses.  We are passionate, willing and able to take on the immense challenges that matter to our clients and help the sustainable development of their business.

International Development Solutions


In seeking out innovative sources of development financing, KeenTO looked across a wide range of potential contributors, including citizens, corporations, governments (of both developed and developing economies), and multilateral institutions. Since we believe innovative financing should complement, rather than substitute for, government funding, our focus is on solutions in which governments are still a core part of the solution. However, we recognize there are also many good ideas that require minimal or no government involvement, such as citizen-focused. fund-raising initiatives

Anti Money Laundering

Risk Assessment

KeenTO‘s experienced, vetted and versatile investigative teams and project management support and guide NGOs and businesses in the implementation and development of innovative solutions that require specialized, surge resources.  Our firm delivers project leadership and expertise in the AML technologies that underpin Financial Intelligence Units and AML operations. KeenTO partners with leading experts in AML solutions to advocate for an important shift in advocating for changes to existing policies.

Drug Policy Development


Clear thinking about drug policy and solutions that supports clients and communities. KeenTO brings policy consulting services and knowledge to numerous domestic and international organizations/businesses through the implementation of feasible projects solutions.

KeenTO’s staff and consultant offer individual / targeted services to clients, consumers – please contact us for more information.